Since September 2017, has an ambassador program. This does not mean that we have opened a consulate in all countries of the world, but that you, as a regular customer, can earn money by telling other students about our training courses. In this post you will read how this ambassador program works, why it is interesting for you, and whether it is also possible for you to become an ambassador! Spoiler alert: there is a big chance that you can!

How does the ambassor program work? enables a number of regular customers to become ambassadors. This may be on the initiative of, but we also receive requests from our students about becoming part of the ambassador program. As our ambassador, you will receive a personal link to our website. Through the link, other students can book our courses with a 10% discount. But the best part is that, as ambassador, you receive 10% of the amount paid as a compensation, or as a discount on a training course.

Compensation or discount?

You can choose how you want to benefit from the amount: as a discount on a training course, or as a compensation. If you choose the first one, we will book your next training for you, taking the discount into account. If you opt for the latter, we will add you to our payroll administration, for which we need some information from you (such as your IBAN, BSN, etc.). Do you want to become an ambassador? Just send an email to and then we will let you know a.s.a.p. what we can do for you!

And now?

When you have received your personal link, you can immediately start sharing your link with friends and fellow students. This works best via Facebook and Whatsapp groups, or via an e-mail to your studymates. Furthermore, posts on the Blackboard wall of your course can leads to sign-ups via your link as well. As an ambassador, you are not limited to referring to training courses in your own studyprogram. You can also share the link in, for example, the whatsapp group of your sports team or student house, where there surely are students from other studies than your own.

Someone booked!

When someone books a training through your link, you immediately receive a confirmation email from us. This way you know that you started making money! When the training of the student in question has started (and the student has paid for the training), we will contact you. You decide whether you want the amount to be transferred to your bank account, or use it as a discount on your next training course. If you opt for the first option, the ambassador’s fee will usually be in your bank account within a week. When you choose the second option, we will sign you up for the training course of your choice a.s.a.p!

Has the ambassador program been well received so far?

Hell yes! But of course, some of our most fanatic ambassadors can tell you about his best. Daphne and Anne-Marie, for example, have already benefited greatly from the ambassador program. Here you can read more about Daphne’s findings, and Anne-Marie tells you more about her tactics to reach as many students as possible in this blog (please note: both blogs are written in Dutch). Through their blogs, you also get the opportunity to book through their ambassador links, which gives you a 10% discount!

Written by: Desirée Korrel. Desirée works in our corporate communicationdepartment. Do you want to find out how you can become our ambassador? Just send us an e-mail via! helps academic students with theoir exam preparations. We organize tutoring classes for students at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Tilburg University, Universiteit Leiden, Universiteit Utrecht, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Universiteit van Maastricht and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Check which training groups we organize on